The Pink Pistols… It’s a real thing

LGBT gun rights group sees membership skyrocket after Orlando shooting

Think the LGBT community is monolithic? 

 We often make assumptions about how minority groups are “supposed” to behave. Remember 2008 when pundits, mostly white, wondered whether Barack Obama; then a long-shot freshman senator, was “black enough” to gain significant African American support? 

 Intellectual laziness is easy. Take the recent senate votes on so-called assault weapons. Yes, four were defeated. If you looked at only the headlines and quotes you would think that republicans blocked all four. In truth it’s a mixed bag. Republicans blocked some and democrats blocked some. The devil is in the details, but both parties are looking to score points before a compromise is hammered out.  The perfect must never become the enemy of the good. 

 I’m becoming more Libertarian in my old age. America is exceptional not because we are special is any way but one: we have always placed a premium on individual freedom above social cohesion. That creates conflict and, indeed, winners and losers. But it also creates a vibrant multi ethic society in which personal ability, drive, and achievement are rewarded like no other. 

 And it means this: name me another industrialized or developed nation, hell ANY nation,  that has elected a minority citizen of African decent as its head of state. None come to mind. The closest would be Alburto Fujimori, a  Peruvian of Japanese descent.

 Verily, “only in America”.   

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In my 50's, I'm enough to remember the first Apollo landing. I'll eventually forget it, or worse, decide it was all a conspiracy done on a Hollywood sound stage. Most of the rest you need to know about me you can discern from my writing. Other important stuff: I have one wife and three daughters. I live in Arizona. I love seafood and being outdoors. But, most importantly, I'm on a journey following Jesus. God leads, I do a shitty job following. He's patient with me. I pray you will be too. Grace and Peace, David
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